• 13 May 2012
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    Помогите, пожалуйста! Нужно написать нечто подобное про три вещи: ноутбук, мобильный телефон и МР3 плеер. ( ПЕРЕВОД НЕ НУЖЕН!!!!)

    Sarah Tyson (New Zealand), age 16, high school student, likes: shopping and friends

    “I’m not really into computers, gadgets and things like that, but I have to admit I really can’t imagine life without my iPod®! It’s amazing being able to store the whole of your music collection on one tiny device. I like to listen to it when I’m walking to and form school. Also, I’d find it almost impossible to be without my mobile phone. I just couldn’t … my social life without it, and …only allow me to stay out late on Saturday if I keep calling them. They want to know where I am. I’ve just bought a digital camera with …money. It’s fantastic. I’ve taken so many photos of my friends. In fact, I’m even considering a career as a photographer.”

    Andy Cooper (UK), age 19, Physics student, likes: music & video games

    “I’m a complete techno freak, so it’s hard to pick just three things I couldn’t live without! Firstly, though, I guess no one these days can … without their mobile. Mine has got quite a good voice recorder on it so I often use it to record my university lectures so that I can listen to them again at home. It’s really handy. The second thing I really love is …that I won in a competition last year. I’m studying at a university far away from …so it’s really nice to be able to put on my headphones and watch movies on the long bus journey back. I’m a bit ashamed to admit it but I’m totally hooked on my PlayStation 2®! I know I’m 19 but I’m still very keen on it. I can play for hours!”

    Tina Appleby (USA), age 33, account, likes: cinema & photography

    “I’m a businesswoman so I suppose it goes without saying that I really couldn’t live without my laptop and PDA. I’m not a naturally organized person so my PDA in particular really helps me out. I use it as a diary, I change documents on it when I’m on the move and yes, I even play games on it on the underground on my way to work! It keeps my whole life together to the extent that I would feel quite lost without it! And my laptop allows me to store …myclients need. I don’t have to carry lots of heavy files when I … them. Apart from work, I’ve always had a passion for …, so my absolute favourite gadget at the moment is my new digital camcorder. I’m having so much fun making home movies. I edit them using software on my laptop. It’s a great pastime.”

    • 13 May 2012
    • Ответ оставил: Zavgorodnia

    Computer firm formed in our lives. With them we work, rest, play, learn. With the development of new technologies and the increasing level of demand from consumers. PC is already overshadowed by its "volume" and the price. The future of laptops and tablets. I would like to talk about laptops.

    Laptops - this is probably one of the most convenient, practical and compact computers, it is clear to any first grade! Speaking of schools, the last year or two schools stopped buying a PC for computer classes because not only price, but also to how much space is required for the technique itself. For example, in rural schools or schools with a lot of people prefer to buy laptops, because at any time, you can minimize, remove, and carry no computer science, but, for example, mathematics or biology. In offices, where desks pile of papers, documents, etc., also use the laptops can be a lot more ... to list where they are used, because as mentioned above, the laptop - this is the future.

    Manufacturers of computer technology is not sitting idly by. Each month, come more and more powerful "beasts", which capture more and more ordinary users. According to statistics, in 2011 with a PC "boarded" in the notebook for more than 60% of the population of Europe. Now, with breakdowns of old PCs, 75% are buying laptops. They are also popular among students - in fact it is a laptop to communicate.

    Of all the categories of laptops that existed in 2007, today we can count only two or three. Almost disappeared bulky multimedia models, and netbooks were practically driven out, and ultrabukami subnotebooks. In spite of this gaming laptops are still available on the market, and enjoyed good demand.

    MSI company presented one of its new gaming laptop. MSI GT783.Eto just super-notebook for gamers! but it is understood that this "monster" stuffed with all possible additions and is not cheap: not much, but a lot of 98,000 rubles! Vryatli average Russian is able to fork out for such purchases. Therefore, there are many other, cheaper, and sufficiently powerful laptop computers. They let companies Lenovo, Hp, Samsung, Asus and more. Each company has its pluses, minuses, as well as its price Range. Currently, each manufacturer tries to produce low cost version of the popular models, so that each person can buy a laptop according to your taste, choice and purse

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