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  • Сочинение на английском яэыке с переводом на тему как я убираюсь дома

    • 02 February 2012
    • Ответ оставил: Konter

    Composition theme: As I help at home
    All life the person should carry out a large quantity of different affairs. At school — to learn to read, write, listen, remember, draw, draw; on work — to carry out what demanded by a trade. Trades set to list actions on work it is simply impossible; on rest — pleasant affairs, but too, you see, it is a lot of them. We carry out Something with the great pleasure, something with smaller, something unwillingly, and something — with a great effort.
    But there are affairs, to carry out which it is necessary constantly. It would be desirable or not. Every day. For example, ware washing. Very many don't like it to do, and I love. Also I will tell, why. Knowingly east proverb says: «the Order in the house — an order in a shower, cleanliness in the house — cleanliness in a shower». I completely agree with this popular wisdom. After all, it is valid, heavy to "put things in order" in a shower if at you it is not cleaned in the house and the ware isn't washed up. You will spread out all in apartment in places — and it would be desirable to be engaged in something interesting, to esteem, повышивать, simply to sit down to have a rest, you will wash up ware — and it is how much more pleasant to sit at a pure table, is from ware sparkling by cleanliness.
    Always it is possible to transform unloved business into the favourite. To begin with it is necessary to put on an apron (unless it would be desirable to spoil clothes?) and gloves (we will keep hands!) Then to take a sponge (to choose in shop the most nice — sellers the ten) and a washing-up liquid will offer. Them now great variety: powdery, гелеобразные, liquid; dissolving the fat, adding shine, antibacterial. And smells for all tastes: fresh, citron, flower, exotic. Choose any and favourite! Then warm water is necessary, of course. In cold water fat which remains on ware walls, isn't dissolved. At first we wash ware with a washing-up liquid, and then carefully we rinse in pure water. Cold water well deletes smells of onions, fish. And after dairy products ware recommend to wash in cold water. The washed up ware should be combined on a towel that water has flown down. Then we take a pure dry cotton towel, we wipe ware, and — in a case, on the put places. Now it is necessary to wipe absolutely only a bowl, to hang up to dry a towel, and it is possible to welcome visitors safely.
    For those who at all doesn't like to wash ware and leaves its dirty till the evening (or till the morning), I remind: if you leave not washed up plates in the evening and undertake this work only in the morning on them of microbes will be in one thousand times more. Therefore it is better to wash ware at once. If at mum of assistants two, all can be done it even faster: one washes, and the second wipes at once and puts. If it is absolutely melancholy, it is possible to include radio in an operating time and to listen to favourite music.
    Certainly, most easier to buy the dishwasher, — and any cares, but, you see, sometimes so it is pleasant to do something useful by the hands.
    There has come summer. I always wait for it because in the summer warmly, it is not necessary to hurry up anywhere. It is possible to be engaged easy, than you want or even to idle. In the summer mum has a holiday. This most favourite time. We


    • 02 February 2012
    • Ответ оставил: Узбагоительное3

    Я редко убираюсь и вот когда наступает этот день я достаю тряпку и веник.Чисто вытру все вокруг и помою я полы - а потом придет мой друг и повесит мне новые картины.
    Так же он вытрет мой компьютер и мы пойдем гулять! Убираться весело...

    I rarely get out of and that's when comes the day I get the mop and broom. Clean wipe all around and I'll floors - and then comes my friend and hang me a new picture.
    So he wipe my computer and we'll go walking! Get fun...


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